If you’ve always aspired to work from home or on the go, you are in luck. Technology has made it possible to handle business from virtually anywhere. Employers and customers alike are increasingly open to putting their faith into a digital nomad. This does not mean that the life of a remote worker is without its challenges, but, there are ways to get ahead of common issues before they plant a stop sign in your path. 

Know Where To Work 

When you don’t plan to work from home 100% of the time, you should at least know your options. While you can usually work from your hotel, sometimes, you need a more professional environment where you can network and have access to mailing and notary services along with quality printers and copiers. Arise Coworking Community offers these benefits plus unlimited snacks to fuel your professional progress. 

Set Your Business Up For Success 

If you’ve chosen the freelance path, you’re automatically self-employed in the eyes of the IRS. That doesn’t mean you can’t structure your business professionally by turning your sole proprietorship into an LLC. An LLC is a business that absorbs the brunt of financial liability should something go wrong. It is a seamless process, provided you do your research and understand LLC laws in your home state. Take care of the formation process on your own using an online service to save on attorney fees. You’ll also want to go ahead and claim your social media accounts so that you can begin interacting with your customers on a visible platform. 

Keep Personal Expenses To A Minimum 

If you plan to travel while you work, you run the risk of spending your entire paycheck as a tourist. Although you definitely want to enjoy each destination, it pays to save where you can. One example is to choose a basic, no-frills hotel or rental. Then, if you need to access the internet, all you have to do is find an affordable coworking space in the city or town you are in. You’ll also want to make a point to pack your bag with the basics. TouristSecrets suggests starting with the essentials and choosing a travel bag that fits the needs you will have at your target destination. When booking hotels, ask about amenities included, such as free breakfast or a happy hour each night. You’ll also want to plan ahead to visit free attractions first for each stop you make. 

Choose The Right Equipment 

Arguably, one of the most important things you can do as a free-range freelancer is to have the right equipment for the job. The Adventure In You blog suggests several laptops that make sense for remote workers. These include the lightweight Microsoft Surface Pro and the Asus ZenBook, which has a 13+ hour battery life. You’ll also want to confirm that your mobile device can double as a hotspot or pack your own separately. Make sure that you know which type of cellular signal your mobile hotspot uses so that you have a device compatible with the digital infrastructure of the majority of the areas you plan to visit. 

Being an independent freelancer and handling all of your clients remotely is one of the best ways to achieve work/life balance. But, like other professional situations, there are plenty of issues to overcome. The above advice can help you get a handle on some of these, including knowing where to work and saving money while you are on the go. Ultimately, only time and experience will give you all the tools you need to make the most of your life on the road. 

Arise Coworking Community was created to help digital nomads like you! In addition to all of the features you need in a working office, we provide a space where “communication, values and community standards are held high.” 

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